2021/6/24 Press release by Project Research Associate Satoru Okajima and Professor Hisashi Nakamura: Cyclone study improves climate projections - A new study quantifies how cyclones contribute to global climate systems

2020/5/22 Professor H. Nakamura received the Fujiwara Award from the Meteorological Society of Japan.

2019/10/25 RCAST Special symposium on climate science with Prof. Braian Hoskins will be held on Nov. 8th.

2019/6/26 A seminar by Dr. Gabriele Messori (Uppsala Univ./Stockholm Univ.) will be held on July 2nd

2018/10/12 InterDec-ArCS joint workshop on climate variability was held at RCAST on Oct 11 and 12

2018/10/5 Dr. Patrick Martineau received the best poster award for early carrier scientists in SPARC General Assembly 2018

2018/5/29 The NORPAN meeting was held at the Norwegian Embassy in Tokyo on May 25. On May 28 and 29, Professor Thomas Spengler and four early career scientists visited RCAST and had seminars.

2018/5/1 Associate Professor Y. Kosaka was elected to be a Lead Author for the IPCC AR6-WG1

2018/4/27 Seminars by Associate Professor Yohai Kaspi were held on April 19, 24 and 27

2017/11/21 Professor John M. Wallace visited RCAST and gave lectures on November 20 and 21

2017/8/24 Associate Professor Y. Kosaka received the Syono Award from the Meteorological Society of Japan

2017/8/4 Associate Professor Y. Kosaka received the Journal of Climate Editor's Award

2016/7/19 Press release by Associate Professor Yu Kosaka: Researchers Create Means to Monitor Anthropogenic Global Warming in Real Time

2016/7/7 A seminar by Associate Professor Seok-Woo Son (Seoul National University) will be held on July 22

2016/7/1 An international profect, which Professor Hisashi Nakamura joins as a deputy lead PI, has been funded by Belmont Forum.

2016/7/1 Dr. B. Taguchi joins our group as a facluty member (Proj. Assoc. Prof.)

2016/6/29 A seminar by Professor Thomas Spengler (University of Bergen) will be held on July 8

2016/6/29 Associate Professor Y. Kosaka received the MEXT Commendation for Science and Technology

2016/4/1 Dr. M. Mori joins our group as a junior faculty member (Sr. Res. Assoc.)