How to read GRIB format files (especially for JRA-55CHS users)

JRA-55CHS is a sub-branch of the "JRA-55 family", in which high-resolution (quarter-degree) sea-surface temperature (SST) is utilized as lower-boundary condition (Masunaga et al. 2018).
JRA-55CHS is available from DIAS website.

The data is distributed in a GRIB format. Some people may find that the format is not readily readable.
There are multiple ways to read GRIB format files, as follows:
  1. Use CDO to convert GRIB to netcdf
  2. You can convert the GRIB format JRA55 data into netcdf by using “cdo":
    $ cdo -f nc4 copy (input GRIB file) (output netcdf file)
    cdo is available from MPI.
  3. Use GrADS or NCL to read or convert GRIB files
  4. Make a GrADS or NCL script that reads GRIB files.